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Making your money work harder

Just like you need petrol to run a car, money provides you with the means to live your life. Big purchases, holidays, a wedding, emergency reserves to dip into if out of work …PUTTING some spare cash aside regularly makes good money sense. 

Picture this, you've just landed a cash bonus or been left a sum of money in a will, what saving vehicle will you choose? There's quite a selection, each offering different terms and incentives. 


Shopping around to save

The first question you should ask yourself is; how quickly do you need access to the money? Would you be prepared to forgo instant access for a higher rate of interest? 


Talking to an independent financial adviser will help you:

  • decide which saving facilities and features are relevant to you;

  • pinpoint what you are saving for and how much you'll need to set aside to reach that goal;

  • compare the cost of any debts you have accumulated against the interest you are likely earn in savings

  • source the most tax efficient savings account.

To discover new ways in which you can make your money work more effectively, contact us today.

The value of investments and income from them may go down. You may not get back the original amount invested.
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